After recently speaking at a women’s conference, I have been meditating on the quote of St Catherine of Siena:  “Be who God meant you to be and you will set the world on fire.”  I realize that while I am a good counselor, I am a better speaker, and I do the world and myself a disservice when I don’t do more of what puts fire in my bones and that of others.  It is at this point in my blog, I reassure you, that I am not going to be giving up my job as a counselor shortly, but I need to move towards more public speaking.  What is it that you are great at doing that you are not doing in life?  Why have you chosen to give away your power to numbing yourself instead of giving away your power to endeavors that set you on fire?  Because, believe me, when you are doing what you are great at doing, it will set others on fire because they will not just see it, they will feel that which you are gifted to do.  They will be “set on fire” by the use of your gift.  Do you want to change your world?  Do you want to be light on a hill?  A fire that cannot be quenched?  Start doing more of what you are great at doing and if you do not know what that passionate fire is in your life than you need to take your power back so you can figure that out.  So many of us have tried to stuff our giftings in boxes that those around us have deemed to be the right box and, in the process, put out our fire in a box by closing the lid.  Fire needs oxygen to spread, and it needs to be fanned.  I challenge you to find a group of supportive friends who can both fan the flame and help you remove the structures you have erected that contain the fire.  Each time you use the gift you were born to use, you fan that flame and the fire grows.  People who have heard me speak reassure me that each time I speak to large groups, I grow in my giftedness and I can feel the difference, too.   Have you ever heard Andrea Bocelli sing opera?  My grandmother was an opera fan, and I would listen to Pavarotti with her during my childhood, and out of nowhere Andrea Bocelli burst on the scene of opera and sang opera in a different fashion.  Bocelli’s expression of emotion in his modernized singing of opera introduced a segment of the population to that style of music that previously never listened to opera.  He entered the music scene because of the encouragement of his friends and family and made a choice to leave his career as a lawyer to pursue his passion.    You may not be an opera singer. However, we need you to use your gift and to set us on fire.  You are uniquely you, and nobody else can be who you were meant to be!


Ephesians 2:10

For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them

Be who You were made to be!
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