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Believe It or Not, You are Growing!

I started watering this flower bulb in November. Nothing happened in November or December, but by January, the bulb finally expanded, and in February, it began to bloom. The flower bloom on the inside of my house is in sharp contrast to what is happening as the snow falls outside my house. I contrast this blooming flower to the season we have been in for almost a year. We’ve had to endure tough things, yet we have been making changes—some for good, some for the worse. Every experience makes us examine a variety of truths that we may or may not recognize at the moment.

For example, I needed to make changes in my environment to make the environment more uplifting because my environment was negatively affecting me. Case in point, I opted in month two of the quarantine to paint my bedroom all white because I needed light colors and not dark colors. I made other choices in my environment because every negative experience makes you examine your environment. A second area we have made changes in is looking at the people around us. The motives of others have been revealed by this experience. We have had to make choices about who and to what extent we allow these people into our lives. Whether it was our social media feed or other relationships, the truth of who people are in our lives has been revealed through this experience. Lastly, these experiences of loss have shown the transformations we need to make inside of ourselves. This season’s losses have revealed issues that we did not know we needed to deal with until things were hard and heavy. We have had no other choice but to make different choices to do self-care because we could not do life as we always had in the past. The truth of all of these areas has been sober and challenging; however, the truth sets us free if we choose to be taught by it. You are making changes in your mind, body, and soul as you decide to learn the lessons. Lessons about your environment, the people around you, and the areas you need to work on in your own life. It may be winter literally and figuratively, but you are making changes, so you are still growing. Be encouraged!

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