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Do the holidays bring about feelings of stress, anxiety, resentment, or uncertainty? Navigating the holidays with firm boundaries can help us get the most out of the day by honoring our needs and help us feel peaceful, cared for, and allow us to show up as our best selves for our loved ones.

In this simple PDF workshop, Sharon, Cait, and Kayla lead you through an introduction to boundaries, what they are, how to set them, and what they might look like in different scenarios.

This workshop includes:

  • A 30 minute video about boundaries (audio version included as well)
  • A PDF slide deck that will lead you through the material
  • A worksheet packet the includes the following:
    • Boundary Decision Tree
    • Setting Boundaries Worksheet (fillable PDF)
    • Journaling Prompts
    • My Boundary Plan Worksheet (fillable PDF)
    • Boundary Phrases Menu
    • Video Outline
    • Audio Transcription

We hope this helps you enjoy the holiday season!

*Disclaimer: By purchasing this workshop, you are acknowledging that counselors Cait, Kayla, and Sharon are acting strictly as boundary coaches and not as licensed therapists. This workshop is not a replacement nor intended to be a replacement for therapy or counseling services.


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