Our session fees range from $90 per 50 minute individual session to $125 per individual session, and is dependent on the counselor and their experience. You will be made aware of the fee or you can inquire about it during the intake process.

We do have the potential to offer group therapy at a lower cost that individual therapy. This means that instead of being seen 1 on 1 by a counselor, a group of clients would meet with one counselor on a topic such as anxiety, boundaries, and more. Because you would be with a group, the cost would be lower than an individual session. If you are interested in group therapy, please fill out the intake form on our homepage. 


If you see one of our counselors listed as “out of network”, you still have the ability to submit to your insurance for reimbursement of session fees. This is different between each insurance company, so simply call the number on the back of your insurance card to inquire how and what they will reimburse. Unfortunately, we cannot tell you what they will cover or reimburse, or submit your reimbursement statements for you. 

If you are able to submit to your insurance, notify your counselor to set up monthly, auto-generated statements that will be sent directly to your email. You will not be able to submit your session receipts that have “INVOICE” at the top, as they do not contain the necessary information. 

Our clients have successfully submitted to the following insurance companies and received a certain reimbursement for counseling sessions: