A Trauma Therapist’s Take on Student Behavior

In this episode, former teacher Mandy Kaucher and trauma therapist Cait Beiler sit down to discuss student behavior. They identify four main types of student behavior (the disengaged student, the outburst student, the defiant student, and the perfectionist), and talk

Pt. 3: Boundary Conversations with Your Partner

In the follow up to parts 1 and 2 about the mental load and weaponized incompetence, professional counselors Sharon and Kayla discuss ways to go about talking to your spouse or partner about those topics. There are tips for having

Boundaries for Teachers

In this episode, professional counselor Sharon Wegman is joined by former-teacher-turned-office-admin Mandy Kaucher to discuss how teachers can set boundaries, and the benefits of doing so. They discuss boundaries with administration, parents, students, and self, as well as things teachers

Pt. 2: Weaponized Incompetence

In a follow up to our episode on the mental load, licensed, professional counselors Sharon and Kayla discuss weaponized incompetence, and how that can be used in defense against sharing the mental load in a relationship. Weaponized incompetence occurs when

Pt. 1: The Mental Load of Women

In this episode, professional counselors Sharon and Kayla discuss the mental load of women and how it can impact not only the person, but the relationship they’re in. They talk about ways to start the discussion with your partner about

Strategies for Dealing With Emotionally Unhealthy Parents

In this episode, Sharon and office administrator Mandy discuss strategies for dealing with emotionally unhealthy parents as a follow up to part one. They also chat about new changes coming to their office that you can hear at the end

Emotionally Unhealthy Parents

An emotionally unhealthy parent is one who has never worked through their own past or childhood wounds, so they cannot handle hard emotions or feelings. They will often justify not having done so, and show a pattern of unhealthy behaviors

Tips for Effective Communication

Professional counselors Cait and Kayla discuss what to do (and what not to do) to communicate effectively in safe relationships. They go through the tips in the book Attached: The New Science of Adult Attachment and How It Can Help

Back to School: Strategies for Parents

In this episode, counselors Cait and Sharon build off the previous episode about what kids are feeling when it comes times to go back to school. They discuss what anxiety is, how kids experience it, and how important it is

Back to School- What are kids feeling?

In this episode, professional counselors Cait and Sharon discuss why children might start acting differently when August hits. They explain why kids might start feeling more anxious, and what anxiety looks like in kids who don’t have the language or