Counseling services in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania

We are a group practice of professional therapists who specialize in trauma, anxiety, faith-based counseling, and more.

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We are committed to helping and serving our community. If we don't have a counselor that fits your availability or needs, we have referrals to offices in the area that we can provide to you. If you are interested in counseling services, click the button below:

Our team of professionals provide counseling for children and teens, couples and marriage therapy, depression, PTSD, narcissistic abuse, EMDR, body image, and inner child work, just to name a few. Visit our “who we are” tab to see our team and their individual specialties. 

We serve our surrounding community with in-person therapy, group therapy, classes and online programs, and have the ability to provide counseling to anyone in the state of Pennsylvania through online therapy. 

Our goal is to see you move toward a richer, more rewarding life. Whether you are struggling with a particular issue, or just can’t shake the feeling that there should be more to life, we are here to help. We provide a caring environment where you can identify and explore those issues that hinder the realization of a healthy life related to your home, career, family, and interpersonal relationships. The goal is to help equip you with the insights and tools you need to move beyond old, limiting beliefs and reach your full potential.

To see our current therapeutic groups, classes, and/or events, click the button below:

Our Vision:

Wellsprings Solutions is a healing hub for the body, soul, and spirit.

We extend healing to awaken the call and purpose of individuals and families in a way that impacts the individual, their family, and community.

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