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Parenting Your Child Through Trauma Webinar (Digital Download)


Professional counselors William Kurtz and Cait Beiler dive into parenting through trauma in this recording of a live webinar. They discuss how painful or difficult events affects kids, what signs to look out for, and coping skills to help children regulate emotions.


With school shootings, bullying, a pandemic, and more, it’s no wonder we’re seeing more anxiety and behavior changes in children and teens. It can be hard to know how to parent your child or teen through these kinds of events and circumstances, and how to help them cope when you might even be feeling overwhelmed yourself. Our local schools had recently received an active shooter hoax threat, and parents in our community were wondering how to respond, talk to their kids, and help them manage their emotions.

In response, two of our counselors led this live, one hour webinar to talk about parenting through trauma. They discuss how trauma affects a developing brain, what signs to look out for, and what coping skills to use to help navigate a difficult time. Throughout his career, William Kurtz (MSW LSW) has worked with young children and teenagers who experience a wide variety of mental health and behavioral needs, and Cait Beiler (MS Trauma Counselor) works primarily with teens who have experienced trauma. In this video recording of the live webinar, they lead the viewer through parenting a child during difficult or painful times.

Length of Video: 1:00:08

Resolution: 1280×720

Size: 112.5 MB