Pt. 3: Boundary Conversations with Your Partner

In the follow up to parts 1 and 2 about the mental load and weaponized incompetence, professional counselors Sharon and Kayla discuss ways to go about talking to your spouse or partner about those topics. There are tips for having

Boundaries for Teachers

In this episode, professional counselor Sharon Wegman is joined by former-teacher-turned-office-admin Mandy Kaucher to discuss how teachers can set boundaries, and the benefits of doing so. They discuss boundaries with administration, parents, students, and self, as well as things teachers

Healthy Sexuality in Marriage

By Cait Beiler “Because sex isn’t properly introduced to us as a gift from God, an act of worship, and a holy binding act that should be celebrated in the right context, we know sex as something as scandalous and

The Seven Cardinal Sins of Manipulative Parenting

How do you feel after someone has manipulated, guilted or shamed you into doing something for them?   You do not feel good about yourself. You feel shameful and have poor self-esteem after the matter. To compound matters, how do you