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Understanding the Teen Brain

At our practice, we see a lot of teenagers and a lot of parents of teenagers. In this podcast, Cait Beiler and Sharon Wegman talk about the teen brain and why it is essential to understand what is happening during these developmental years. As therapists, we believe when you can receive knowledge about something, that can bring empowerment. Learning about the brain is so essential! In this podcast, we address why teenagers need stimulation all the time, how to communicate with your teen and some things the teenage brain needs to feel safe. Our brains always take in new information, but they are genuinely not done growing until about 24 years old. That means your teenager is stuck in the middle of the brain still being a kid, but almost being an adult (aka.. it’s a mess)! We hope this podcast leaves you feeling more equipped with tools to communicate and create safety for your teenager that serves both of you.